Donated cribs to help babies sleep more safely
Giving babies safer places to sleep
Families Thursday, December 20, 2012 10:15 AM

RICHMOND - A B.C. company, one of the world's largest suppliers of children's furniture, is coming to the aid of families in need of safe places for their babies to sleep.

Stork Craft Manufacturing Inc. is partnering with the Ministry of Children and Family Development, the Association of Neighbourhood Houses BC, the BC Society of Transition Houses and Westcoast Family Centres to get new cribs to low-income families who need them.

The ministry has connected Stork Craft with these three organizations as they have widespread reach into communities across the Lower Mainland, supporting vulnerable families, women and children escaping violence in the home, and immigrant and refugee families making a new life in B.C.

The number of cribs to be donated will depend on need identified by the organizations with the ultimate goal of assisting families who are experiencing crisis.


Stephanie Cadieux, Minister of Children and Family Development -

"Our priority at the Ministry of Children and Family Development is to ensure children have a safe and secure environment in which to grow. This is a very generous offer from Stork Craft that will help support safe sleeping arrangements for infants."

Jim Moore, president & CEO of Stork Craft Manufacturing Inc. -

"Our cribs are designed to provide a safe sleep environment for infants. Often families in need do not have the resources to purchase a crib. Consequently, they resort to alternate sleeping arrangements that are dangerous. Our goal is to reduce the risk of tragedy for these families.

"We have not put a limit on the number of cribs that we will donate and plan to continue to work with the ministry to expand the program to other communities in the province."

Mamie Hutt-Temoana, executive director, Association of Neighbourhood Houses BC -

"For over 100 years, ANHBC has provided a welcoming place for kids to grow up. We help families feel they are part of a community. We are so pleased to be able to work with the ministry and Stork Craft to help the families we serve overcome one of their challenges."

Laurie Parsons, director of women services, BC Society of Transition Houses -

"Women and children living with the effects of domestic violence often re-purchase basic necessities after fleeing their home. This donation will help ensure that infants have one of their basic needs met."

Anne Kutcher, executive director, Westcoast Family Centres -

"We would like to thank Stork Craft for their generous donation that will benefit many families who are unable to provide basic necessities for their children. Through this donation, we will be able to support families who have limited income and are unable to provide a safe sleeping place for their babies."

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