Education Minister Peter Fassbender's statement on BCTF strike vote results
Education Thursday, March 6, 2014 9:43 PM

VICTORIA - Minister of Education Peter Fassbender made the following statement on the results of the British Columbia Teachers' Federation strike vote:

"In collective bargaining, both employers and unions have tools available to increase pressure at the bargaining table and I respect the process.

"A strike vote does create additional uncertainty for students, parents, support workers and teachers. That's precisely why we need long term stability in our schools and why we need to pursue a long-term agreement at the bargaining table.

"Now that the vote is over, I hope the union can focus on tabling their wage demands so we can get on with meaningful bargaining.

"The employers' bargaining team, for its part, has tabled a comprehensive initial position, including a 6.5% wage increase in the first six years. Class size and composition are on the bargaining table, and that's where the discussions need to occur.

"We will continue to seek a long-term agreement that's fair for teachers, affordable for taxpayers, and that puts the interests of students first."

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