Integrated cancer care centre opens in Victoria
Families, Health Thursday, October 13, 2011 1:15 PM

VICTORIA - Cancer patients on Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands now have access to a new integrated cancer care service that combines the broader concepts of health with standard therapies.

An integrated approach to cancer care engages patients in their own health and supports them through healthful nutrition, exercise and stress management programs. InspireHealth has operated a Vancouver centre since 1997 and is expanding its services around British Columbia.

The InspireHealth Victoria regional centre opening follows the June 3, 2011 expansion announcement in Vancouver, where it was stated that other offices will be opened in Victoria, Abbotsford, Kelowna and Prince George, as well as a virtual program to support rural and remote communities.

InspireHealth improves cancer care delivery and helps patients learn how to support their own health and recovery. Integrated cancer care combines of diet, activity and stress management with standard cancer treatments to promote an overall healthier lifestyle, which can lead to better patient outcomes and cancer survival rates. Integrated care empowers patients to be active participants in their recovery journey and encourages self-responsibility and engagement in health to create healthier families and communities.

The Ministry of Health has provided one-time, startup funding totalling $2.5 million for the five centres. An additional $2.5 million annually will fund physicians and allied health-care professionals.

InspireHealth is funded through a mix of physician salaries, patient-pay-membership fees and private donations. There's no charge for access to InspireHealth's physicians and nurse practitioners. In-house therapy practitioners like massage therapists, acupuncturists and naturopathic doctors have patient-pay-fees.

Greater access to integrated cancer care is part of Healthy Families BC, which supports British Columbians to manage their own health, reduce chronic disease and ensure that pregnancy and support programs target the province's most vulnerable families. Additionally, the strategy will continue to focus on healthy eating, including a public awareness campaign around sodium and sweetened beverage reduction as well as a provincial restaurant nutrition information program to help make the healthier choice the easier choice.


Ida Chong, Oak Bay-Gordon Head MLA, on behalf of Michael de Jong, Minister of Health -

"The Province's vision - on behalf of the more than 23,000 British Columbians who will be newly diagnosed this year and all the people who have had cancer or are living with it right now - is for a cancer-free society."

Kathyrn Tatchell, patient and member of InspireHealth -

"When I was diagnosed with colon cancer over four years ago, I didn't know what to do and you can really get lost. Something was missing before, but with InspireHealth, I had another option. It is very comprehensive and they work with a combination of traditional and integrative care. They supported my choices. Everything is in alignment here."

"I have told many people in my cancer support group about InspireHealth and now they are going there - I feel really good about that. For me, InspireHealth means options."

Quick Facts:

  • The Victoria office is located at 212 - 2187 Oak Bay Ave.
  • Access to InspireHealth's physicians and nurse practitioners is free.
  • For individuals who choose to fully engage in InspireHealth's model of care, InspireHealth offers a membership program that includes core health classes (e.g. nutrition, exercise, yoga, meditation, support groups), as well as a two-day LIFE program at $445 for the first year and $95 for annual renewals.
  • The fee is waived for patients on Medical Service Plan premium assistance.
  • In-house therapy practitioners, such as massage therapists, acupuncturists and naturopathic doctors, have patient-pay fees.
  • By 2024, B.C. is expected to have approximately 33,000 residents diagnosed with cancer, about 30 per cent more than today.
  • The most common cancers for women in British Columbia are breast, lung and colorectal.
  • The most common cancers for men in British Columbia are prostate, lung and colorectal.
  • Despite the statistics, British Columbia has some of the most favourable cancer outcomes in North America.
  • According to the Canadian Cancer Society's 2010 Canadian Cancer Statistics report, B.C. men and women have the lowest overall mortality rates for all cancers in Canada.

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Visit Healthy Families BC at:


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