Safe, fair passenger transportation a priority
Friday, November 23, 2012 3:09 PM

VICTORIA - Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Mary Polak issued the following statement regarding a U.S. based company called Uber, which is providing a new smartphone application to book limousine service in Vancouver:

"Taxi and limousine companies operating in B.C. are licensed under the Passenger Transportation Act with conditions, including the rates they are permitted to charge. Conditions of license for limousine companies include a minimum rate per hour, which is $75 in the Vancouver area. This is intended to ensure a level playing field and to preclude limousines from behaving in the same manner as taxis.

"Uber is using rates below those required by the Passenger Transportation Board. We are working with this company, which is providing a new service. However, we must ensure it is fair and that it does not detract from existing businesses that are licensed to operate. In the interim, starting this weekend, the company will use the minimum rate of $75 for each trip.

"Ministry staff also are working with local limousine companies to ensure they continue to meet their conditions of license. Government's number-one priority is ensuring that the public has access to safe and reliable transportation services."


Kate Trotter
Government Communications and Public Engagement
Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure
250 356-8241

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