Statement on North American Perimeter Security announcement
Economy, Multiculturalism, Transportation Wednesday, December 7, 2011 3:35 PM

VICTORIA - Premier Christy Clark released the following statement on Prime Minister Harper and President Obama's Perimeter Security announcement:

"British Columbia welcomes the announcement made today by Prime Minister Harper and President Obama on perimeter security. I am pleased to see this plan contains specific measures for British Columbia, including a one-year, cargo-screening pilot program at the Port of Prince Rupert, and regularizing marine pre-clearance and pre-inspection.

"Better border management is a priority for British Columbia and we strongly support Canada's co-operation with the United States on removing trade barriers, improving cargo and passenger screening, and improving joint threat assessment.

"British Columbia is committed to working with the Government of Canada and our border partners to make sure cross-border rules are simple, clear and less expensive for legitimate visitors, business travellers and businesses that trade, invest or provide services across our border. Access to and from the United States - B.C.'s single largest trading partner - is a key part of our B.C. Jobs Plan and ensures that our economy continues to thrive. I believe this comprehensive plan will bolster B.C.'s high priority sectors, including forestry, energy, transportation, technology and agriculture.

"As chair of the Council of the Federation, I have stressed the importance of improving the strong relationship between the United States and Canada to facilitate the legitimate movement of people and trade in goods and services.

"In many cases, duplicate and redundant screening and inspections exist. I am pleased to see this plan includes cutting red tape for legitimate trade and travel, better-aligned regulations, and clear timelines and milestones that will measure its success.

"In British Columbia we support a shared vision for better border management, security and the consistent treatment of legitimate trade and travellers."


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