Contact List for Media

Advanced Education, Skills and Training
Honourable Melanie Mark
Jennifer Fernandes
Direct: 250-952-6400 Cell: 250-889-8370
Meaghan Thorkelson
Direct: 250-356-2277 Cell: 250-882-3811
Honourable Lana Popham
Dave Townsend
Direct: 250 356-7098 Cell: 250-889-5945
Robert Boelens
Direct: 250-356-1674 Cell: 250-882-2485
Attorney General
Honourable David Eby
Megan Harris
Direct: 778-678-1572
Tiffany Nelson
Direct: 778-678-1572
Children and Family Development
Honourable Katrine Conroy
Karen Johnston
Direct: 250-356-2007 Cell: 250-812-0495
Shawn Larabee
Direct: 250-356-1639 Cell: 250-514-0510
Citizens' Services
Honourable Jinny Sims
Joanne Whittier
Direct: 250-387-0172 Cell: 250-893-5650
Trish Rorison
Cell: 250-580-6723
Honourable Rob Fleming
Corinna Filion
Direct: 250-356-8713 Cell: 250-882-0918
Sean Leslie
Direct: 250-356-8485 Cell: 250-893-4403
Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources
Honourable Michelle Mungall
Alison Giles
Direct: 250-387-3967 Cell: 250-507-3418
Darren Beaupre
Direct: 250-952-0667 Cell: 250-213-3334
Environment and Climate Change Strategy
Honourable George Heyman
David Karn
Direct: 250-953-3834 Cell: 250-213-3760
David Crebo
Direct: 250-387-9973 Cell: 250-812-5747
Honourable Carole James
Sonja Zoeller
Direct: 250-387-1248 Cell: 250-812-6844
Jeremy Uppenborn
Direct: 250-356-7506 Cell: 250-812-5731
Brett Lowther
Direct: 250-356-6998 Cell: 250-812-1729
Honourable Adrian Dix
Laura Heinze
Direct: 778-698-7122 Cell: 250-213-1824
Kristy Anderson
Direct: 250-952-3387 Cell: 778-678-5200
Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation
Honourable Scott Fraser
Leanne Ritchie
Direct: 250 387-1204 Cell: 250-882-8232
Chris Harbord
Direct: 250-952-7302 Cell: 250-920-5079
Jobs, Trade and Technology
Honourable Bruce Ralston
Tasha Schollen
Cell: 250-889-1121
Honourable Harry Bains
Julianne McCaffrey
Direct: 778-698-8964 Cell: 250-888-8074
Melody Wey
Direct: 778 698-7088
Mental Health and Addictions
Honourable Judy Darcy
Sarah Plank
Direct: 250-952-1889 Cell: 250-208-9621
Lori Cascaden
Direct: 778-698-2892 Cell: 778-679-3218
Municipal Affairs and Housing
Honourable Selina Robinson
Lindsay Byers
Direct: 250-952-0617 Cell: 778-678-5539
Kate Mukasa
Direct: 778-698-3280 Cell: 250-361-6839
Weekends/Holidays: 250-480-8512
Public Safety and Solicitor General
Honourable Mike Farnworth
Colin Hynes
Direct: 250-387-1693
Caroline McAndrews
Weekends/Holidays: 250-213-3602
Social Development and Poverty Reduction
Honourable Shane Simpson
Carla Wormald
Cell: 250-208-4309
Weekends/Holidays: 250-208-4309
Tourism, Arts and Culture
Honourable Lisa Beare
Carolyn Jack
Cell: 250-893-4449
Weekends/Holidays: 250-893-0763
Transportation and Infrastructure
Honourable Claire Trevena
Danielle Pope
Direct: 250-356-8241
Lisanne Bowness
Direct: 250-356-8241
Weekends/Holidays: 250-413-7941
Emergency Preparedness
Honourable Mike Farnworth
Jordan Turner
Direct: 250-952-5062 Cell: 250-896-1928

24 hours Media Relations Contact Line

If you are unable to reach a ministry contact above, call media relations at 250-356-2456

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