Public inquiries for medical queries related to COVID-19: 8-1-1

Public inquiries for non-medical queries related to COVID-19: 1-888-COVID-19

Media inquiries related to COVID-19 (not for public queries): 250-952-1887

24 hours Media Relations Contact Line

Please contact the appropriate ministry below. If you are unable to reach a ministry contact, call media relations at 250-208-8036.

Contact List for Media

Agriculture and Food
Honourable Pam Alexis
Dave Townsend
Direct: 250-356-7098
Cell: 250-889-5945
Robert Boelens
Direct: 250-356-1674
Cell: 250-882-2485
Attorney General
Honourable Niki Sharma
John O'Dowd
Direct: 250-896-5104
Cell: 250-896-5104
Catherine Pate
Direct: 250-883-1003
Cell: 250-883-1003
After hours: 250-883-1003
Children and Family Development
Honourable Mitzi Dean
Alison Giles
Direct: 250-387-3967
Cell: 250-507-3418
Tanner Senko
Direct: 236-478-1187
Cell: 778-676-2064
Citizens' Services
Honourable Lisa Beare
Harriet D'Costa
Direct: 250-213-7655
Cell: 250-213-7655
Jennifer Fernandes
Direct: 250-952-6400
Cell: 250-889-8370
Education and Child Care
Honourable Rachna Singh
Meghan McRae
Direct: 250-952-0622
Laura Casselman
Direct: 250-940-8604
After hours: 250-886-8759
Esme Mills
Direct: 250-896-4891
Jeremy Uppenborn
Direct: 778-974-5825
Aimee Harper
Direct: 778-698-1608
Cell: 250-883-4731
Aaron Hinks
Direct: 604-209-2058
Cell: 604-209-2058
After hours: 250-880-6430
Energy, Mines and Low Carbon Innovation
Honourable Josie Osborne
Tania Venn
Direct: 778-698-9499
Cell: 250-208-6183
Akshara Poulose
Direct: 236-478-3045
Cell: 250-880-2493
Environment and Climate Change Strategy
Honourable George Heyman
Media Line
Direct: 250-213-3760
Honourable Katrine Conroy
Nova Pierson
Direct: 778-974-2223
Cell: 250-208-2743
Honourable Bruce Ralston
Leah Koehle
Direct: 250-812-9170
Cell: 250-812-9170
Honourable Adrian Dix
Amy Crofts
Direct: 778-405-3538
Calvin Cen
Direct: 778-886-9397
Cell: 778-886-9397
After hours: 250-952-1887
Honourable Ravi Kahlon
Tasha Schollen
Direct: 250-889-1121
Cell: 250-889-1121
Katie McGroarty
After hours: 236-478-0251
Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation
Honourable Murray Rankin
Art Aronson
Direct: 250-940-8661
Cell: 250-893-2028
Leanne Ritchie
Direct: 250-896-4348
Cell: 250-896-4348
After hours: 250-896-4348
Karen van Marum
Direct: 778-698-8025
Cell: 250-889-3664
Blaine Willick
Cell: 250-883-2068
Caroline McAndrews
Direct: 250-208-3254
Cell: 250-208-3254
Honourable Harry Bains
Brad Spencer
Direct: 250-213-8637
Cell: 250-213-8637
Carol Morrison
Direct: 250-883-2951
Cell: 250-883-2951
Mental Health and Addictions
Honourable Jennifer Whiteside
Arianna Sihota
Direct: 250-880-7117
Cell: 250-880-7117
Marielle Tounsi
Direct: 778 584-1255
Cell: 778-584-1255
After hours: 250-208-0305
Municipal Affairs
Honourable Anne Kang
Alanah Connie
Direct: 236-478-3459
Mike Allison
Direct: 250-882-3252
Post-Secondary Education and Future Skills
Honourable Selina Robinson
Katya Slepian
Direct: 604-209-7629
Allie Moore
Direct: 250-419-8936
Cell: 250-208-3479
After hours: 250-889-1217
Public Safety and Solicitor General
Honourable Mike Farnworth
Chris Donnelly
Direct: 778-405-3306
Cell: 250-880-4716
David Haslam
Direct: 250-952-0509
Cell: 250-361-7989
After hours: 250-213-3602
Social Development and Poverty Reduction
Honourable Sheila Malcolmson
Katherine van der Gracht
Direct: 250-886-1221
Alessandra Vinhas
Direct: 250-812-9118
Cell: 250-812-9118
After hours: 250-886-1221
Tourism, Arts, Culture and Sport
Honourable Lana Popham
Corinna Filion
Direct: 250-882-0918
Cell: 250-882-0918
Jill Nessel
Direct: 250-940-7578
Cell: 250-940-7578
Transportation and Infrastructure
Honourable Rob Fleming
Craig Chambers
Direct: 250-387-5798
Cell: 250-213-3953
Robert Duffus
Direct: 778-974-3334
Cell: 778-974-3334
After hours: 250-413-7941
Water, Land and Resource Stewardship
Honourable Nathan Cullen
Katie Norris
Direct: 250-896-7365
Cell: 250-896-7365
Sean Leslie
Direct: 250-356-8485
Cell: 250-893-4403


The B.C. Public Service acknowledges the territories of First Nations around B.C. and is grateful to carry out our work on these lands. We acknowledge the rights, interests, priorities, and concerns of all Indigenous Peoples - First Nations, Métis, and Inuit - respecting and acknowledging their distinct cultures, histories, rights, laws, and governments.

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