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Provincial Scholarships Program: What does it look like?

The revised Provincial Scholarships Program is made up of four scholarships

1. BC Excellence Scholarship –

55 scholarships at $5,000

The award recognizes well-rounded students who demonstrate community service and leadership as well as a commitment and aptitude to a particular career path.

What is it replacing?

This is a new award to the program.

What is the rationale?

Feedback was largely in favour of a scholarship that supports students who are committed to pursuing a multitude of career paths, not just teaching. This award is similar to the Pathway to Teacher Education Scholarship, but allows a broader range of students to apply.

2. Pathway to Teacher Education Scholarship –

20 scholarships at $5,000

The award is based on academic achievement, resume and references and the commitment and aptitude for a teaching career.

What is it replacing?

The award is a carryover from the current program.

What is the rationale?

The award continues to support students who are committed to entering a teacher education program in an approved faculty of education at a B.C.-designated post-secondary institution.

3. BC Achievement Scholarship –

3,000 scholarships at $1,250 in 2015-16; 8,000 scholarships at $1,250 beginning in 2016-17

The award recognizes academic achievement beyond exam scores. Students must perform well on required graduation courses (including those that are provincially-examinable) and top elective courses.

What is it replacing?

Graduation Program Examinations Scholarship: based on academic achievement on provincial exams in grades 10-12.

*This award will be phased out following the 2015-16 school year.

Passport to Education: based on two-thirds academic achievement, one-third school-specific criteria (student effort, work habits, community involvement).

*This award was already being phased out prior to the program revision. Final allocations were presented to students who graduated in June 2015.

What is the rationale?

Feedback suggested eliminating scholarships based solely on exam scores, instead providing students more flexibility to demonstrate their learning.

4. District/Authority Scholarship –

5,500 scholarships at $1,250

The award is allocated by Grade 12 enrolment and determined by criteria set by local District Scholarship Committee/Independent School Authority.

What is it replacing?

The award is a carryover from the current program.

What is the rationale?

Districts continue to have discretion over this award based on local needs and criteria, however, indigenous languages and culture is an additional area of achievement that can be recognized.

*Students are still eligible for the Secondary School Apprenticeship (SSA) award, but it is no longer being administered under the Provincial Scholarships Program. Ministry staff are currently working with the Industry Training Authority to ensure the SSA award aligns with the goals and objectives of the SSA program.