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2015-16 Wood First funding recipients

Forestry Innovation Investment (FII) manages an annual competitive Call for Proposals process to fund activities aimed at advancing the use of wood in British Columbia. The following is a summary of the successful funding applicants (dollar amounts are based on recent estimates and are subject to change pending further review):

BC Wood Specialties Group - $558,910

  • Educate and train architects, engineers, interior designers and construction professionals on available B.C. wood products and their applications through lunch-and-learn sessions, group seminars, factory tours and a discussion forum.
  • Promote building products and systems with value-added wood companies at trade events.
  • Increase competitiveness, innovation and adaptability of individual value-added wood companies by improving their marketing and business development capability through assessments, site visits, workshops and conferences.
  • Promote to municipalities the benefits of using wood in construction.

Canadian Wood Council - $770,109

  • Broaden wood design awareness through a wood awards program and participation in conferences and meetings of professional associations.
  • Conveying practical wood design solutions through symposiums, seminars and design luncheons.
  • Communicate sound wood construction practices.
  • Provide technical support and advice to help convert non-residential projects to wood.
  • Promote the sustainable attributes of wood.
  • Support building and fire code changes that will facilitate the use of wood.
  • Provide information to and supporting municipal staff and officials in developing wood-use policies.
  • Conduct studies on issues and barriers facing several groups of stakeholders.

The University of British Columbia – Centre for Advanced Wood Processing - $359,166

  • Provide insights in wood construction and innovations to British Columbia’s practitioners and manufacturers by bringing in international experts, organizing tours of facilities and projects to facilitate knowledge transfer, and by holding a dedicated workshop on emerging energy-efficiency requirements.
  • Support value-added manufacturers in their development of new products through design, engineering, prototyping, testing and cost/benefit analyses.
  • Foster collaboration between manufacturers and industrial designers in various sub-sectors of the value-added wood industry through organizing a series of networking meetings.
  • Expand the application and provision of advanced timber processing technology through consultations, company-specific projects and workshops.

The University of British Columbia – Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability - $65,000

  • Study and document the processes for planning, design, construction bidding and procurement of a proposed innovative tall-wood building project.

FPInnovations - $428,928

  • Improve entrepreneurial skills of small- to medium-size wood products manufacturers by improving their capacity to adopt new manufacturing technologies and develop new products through technology transfer projects, technical assessments, workshops, webinars and face-to-face outreach activities.
  • Conduct fire tests to demonstrate the validity of wood-concrete composite floor systems and cross-laminated timber panels as practical alternatives to non-wood construction approaches.
  • Strengthen the wood-building manufacturing sector by identifying opportunities for and barriers to the application of offsite manufacturing of wood buildings and components.

Design Build Research Institute - $51,762

  • Develop students into future users of wood by providing opportunities to translate design concepts into built objects and gain hands-on experience through design-build projects.