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Performance indicators and fees

Performance Indicators:

The performance indicators were developed following discussions between the Ministry of Agriculture and the Agricultural Land Commission that began after the British Columbia government announced the Taxpayer Accountability Principles in June 2014. 

The targets complement the British Columbia government’s efforts to help the commission modernize its services and delivery model, to serve B.C. farmers and promote farming.

The performance indicators are posted at: http://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/industry/agriculture-seafood/agricultural-land-and-environment

ALC fees:

Updating the ALC’s application fees was a topic of consultation with:

  • B.C.’s Agriculture Council;
  • the Union of British Columbia Municipalities and several regional governments,
  • the BC Real Estate Association;
  • the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers;
  • the BC Oil and Gas Commission; and
  • a 2012 web-based consultation, which was open to the public. The consultation found that the majority of participants supported setting the commissions fees at levels that better reflected the costs of the application process.

Application fees related to exclusion, subdivision and non-farm use from 2002 to present:

  • Provincewide: $600 per application, divided as $300 for the ALC and $300 for the local government.

Application fees related to exclusion, subdivision and non-farm use effective April 1, 2016:

  • Zone 1: $1,500 per application, divided as $1,200 for the ALC and $300 for the local government.
  • Zone 2: $900 per application, divided as $600 for the ALC, and $300 for the local government.

ALC fees related to compliance and enforcement:

Several fees have been introduced to support the costs and expenses associated with ALC compliance and enforcement activities once an application has been approved:

  • Document review ($150 per document) and site inspection ($350 per inspection) for approved applications, which generally require one followup ALC action to confirm all activities on the site are in compliance with ALC requirements.
  • Monitoring fees from $500 to $2,000 annually, depending on project size, for sites that require regular ongoing monitoring by the ALC such as soil fill and removal, and gravel extraction.