Media Contacts

Jill Milne

Government Communications and Public Engagement
Ministry of Agriculture
778 676-4460

Julia Smith

Urban Digs Farm
778 379-5262

Harvey Martens

NutraEx Foods Inc.
888 978-8249

Celena Benndorf

Chai Chics Meals Inc.
604 715-4723


The following projects have received funding from the B.C. government’s Buy Local program

Jiva Organics Manufacturing and Distribution Inc.:

$95,021.00 to promote B.C. made foods, build customers preference, increase demand and sales for B.C. agrifoods in the province and increase the number of retailers carrying B.C. made foods. The company will promote in store with ads, demos, contests and online social media campaigns and having a presence at trade shows.

Urban Digs Farm:

$27,332.00 to increase sales revenue through print and online marketing campaigns including signs, recipes, vehicle wraps, magnets, promotional videos and advertising.

NutraEx Food Inc.:

$24,000.00 to increase sales in B.C. by launching a new company website, in store and foodservice demos and public relations through social media and advertising.

Chai Chics Meals Inc.:

$9,100.00 to increase awareness of the company, grow sales and build a customer base in B.C. by updating the packaging to advertise the product is made in B.C., creating a company website that promotes the Feast line of meals and print advertising.