Media Contacts

Jill Milne

Government Communications and Public Engagement
Ministry of Agriculture
778 676-4460

Taste of BC Fine Foods Ltd.

Steve Atkinson
250 755-4077

St. Jean’s Cannery and Smokehouse

Steve Hughes
250 754-2185

Foley Dog Treat Company Inc.

Cheryl Foley
250 753-3647


Projects that have received funding from the B.C. government’s Buy Local program

Taste of BC Fine Foods:
$23,250.00 to upgrade company website, develop advertising materials and product labels, offer in-store demos and launch social media campaign.

St. Jean’s Cannery and Smokehouse:
$12,025.00 to launch a Buy Local digital campaign and develop print materials to advertise.

Foley Dog Treat Company Inc.:
$11,361.00 to develop and create a Local Dog icon and mark for packaging, print brochures to raise awareness of Local Dog and website upgrades, including the addition of a blog.