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ARCHIVED: Natural Gas Development

Program stimulates jobs creation in natural gas sector

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ARCHIVED: Natural Gas Development Note: This News Release has been archived - the Ministry no longer exists

Program stimulates jobs creation in natural gas sector

Media Contacts
Lindsay Byers
Ministry of Natural Gas Development
250 952-0617
Media Contacts
Lindsay Byers
Ministry of Natural Gas Development
250 952-0617


History of new infrastructure, growth, jobs

To date, British Columbia’s Infrastructure Royalty Credit Program (IRCP) has supported the construction of over 300 new or upgraded all-season roads and pipeline projects, representing more than $2.7 billion in private-sector capital investment.

Some examples of projects built as a result of the IRCP include:

Tower Step-Out Development Pipeline

This project was approved as part of the 2013 IRCP program. It consist of a network of pipelines that route raw natural gas to the processing facilities in an active development area north of Dawson Creek.

The infrastructure was completed in 2015 and amounted to approximately $48 million in new investment by the Cutbank Ridge Partnership – a long-term endeavour between the Mitsubishi Corporation and EnCana Corporation to develop natural gas resources in British Columbia.

The Cutbank Ridge Partnership is linked to thousands of natural gas jobs in the province. This pipeline project has already supported drilling and production of 29 new natural gas wells.

Lily Pipeline

This project involved the construction of multiple pipelines, built to transport natural gas and water over 18 kilometres in the North Montney, northwest of Fort St. John.

The project was completed in 2013 by Progress Energy. It currently transports raw natural gas to a compressor station, with water sent to a nearby treatment facility.

The Lily Pipeline project resulted in $47 million in new investment. To date, it has been linked to drilling and production of 64 new natural gas wells which are now paying royalties to the Province.

Umbach Pipeline

This project resulted in the construction of 12 kilometres of natural gas pipeline in the Umbach Area, located approximately 80 kilometres north of Fort St. John. 

It was a $5.3-million industry investment once it was completed in October 2014 by Storm Resources. 

To date, 10 new natural gas wells have been drilled and put into production as a result of the pipeline. These wells are now producing royalty revenue for the Province.

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