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B.C. food makers receive $2.3 million to develop innovative products

The following projects will receive funding up to the amounts indicated below.

Absorbent Products Ltd.:
$6,856 to determine the effect of Diatomaceous Earth on feed conversion, efficiency, growth and manure composition in commercial broilers.

Aquila Veterinary Diagnostics Ltd.:
$51,954 for a field use project to detect and identify avian influenza strains.

BC Greenhouse Growers' Association:
$7,215 to conduct greenhouse tomato efficacy and crop tolerance trials with Fracture so it can be registered for use on greenhouse tomatoes for the management of powdery mildew.

Bovicor Pharmatech Inc.:
$131,300 to develop a nitric oxide releasing solution for a non-antibiotic alternative for the treatment of bovine mastitis in dairy industry.

FarmPlant Products Canada Inc.:
$90,135 to demonstrate bio fertilizer (Azolla) products for B.C. greenhouse and field grown crops.

Flex Alert Company Ltd.:
$97,000 to monitor Cherry rot in the Okanagan and develop a predictive postharvest analysis. 

FloraMaxx Technologies Ltd.:
$42,500 for field evaluations of advanced Haskap Selections based on their agronomic performances grown at different agro-climatic regions in B.C.

Flowers Canada Growers Inc.:
$120,030 to adopt innovative applied biological controls for British Columbia flower growers on seasonal crops.

Gramma Dees Gourmet Snacks:
$5,000 to finalize the development and market for a vegan, nut-free and dairy-free pesto sauce.

Herbaland Naturals Inc.:
$47,707 to create and package a new product, dual textured gummy supplements.

Ken’s Native Plants:
$9,500 to assess the potential for growing wapato with an agriculture system.

Kwantlen Polytechnic University:
$30,000 for the identification, distribution, and control strategies for Armillaria root rot in B.C. blueberry fields.
$9,006 to demonstrate the use of bees in delivering a biocontrol product in greenhouse tomatoes.

Mundmedia Enterprises Inc.:
$137,160 to create a value chain management network and a data collection tool for the B.C. agrifoods sector.

Nutrichick Feed Consulting:
$58,560 to trial a standard for antibiotic free broiler chicken production.

Okanagan and Similkameen Invasive Species Society:
$6,500 to expand research on management options to control puncturevine and longspine sandbur.

$4,730 to assess the shelf life and fruit quality of hexanal treated blueberries.

Rich Naturals Inc.:
$80,550 to build a closed loop ambient dryer and install at a B.C. farm and conduct trials, evaluate and demonstrate the dryer's capabilities.

Seabreeze Farm Ltd.:
$113,612 to develop innovative biogas conditioning for renewable energy.

Sea Cider Farm & Ciderhouse:
$51,243 for the development of a small scale in-bottle pasteurization process and equipment.

SOP Software Systems:
$79,750 to develop a standard operating procedure software platform to meet the needs of small to mid-sized agricultural businesses.

Summerland Varieties Corp.:
$10,000 for tree fruit orchard mapping using unmanned aerial systems or rotary winged drones.

TechMist Spray Solutions Inc.:
$123,850 for greenhouse based trials to assess optimal conditions and dosing rates for insect minimizing protocols.

Top Tier Foods Inc.:
$9,750 to reformulate Quinoa Quickies and improve consistency of the commercial product.

University of British Columbia:
$280,000 for a project that aims at building and demonstrating a novel microwave enhanced advanced oxidation process as part of a resource recovery system for efficient waste management of the dairy industry.
$130,000 to reduce salmonella and campylobacter contamination of poultry. The technology developed in this research project will be patented and licensed to biotechnology and poultry companies in Canada.
$18,000 for the identification and selection of non-saccharomyces yeasts for use in developing aroma and flavour complexity in wine.

Van Belle Nursery:
$55,000 to conduct research for the early stage prediction and detection of biogenic health issues in ornamental plants.

Vanderpol's Eggs Ltd:
$33,522 for pilot development and commercialization of Tamago, the sweet cooked omelette-like egg often used in sushi bars.

Vitality Products Inc.:
$10,000 for the commercialization of Vitality Power Iron + Organic Spirulina.

Vitalus Nutrition Inc.:
$274,643 to conduct a commercialization pilot trial for VITAGOS™.