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Projects supported by the B.C. government’s Buy Local program

The following projects have received funding from the B.C. government’s Buy Local program.

Aji Gourmet Products Ltd., Surrey:

$45,000 to increase sales by marketing on social media channels; growing brand awareness by attending more tradeshows and events, advertising on radio, newspapers, magazines; and producing new labels to create promotional materials, such as vehicle wraps to represent the company.

Anita's Organic Grain and Flour Mill Ltd., Chilliwack:

$75,000 to increase sales revenue by hosting consumer events to promote products, in-store promotions, and print and digital advertising.

FreeYumm Foods Ltd., North Vancouver:

$25,905.25 to increase sales revenue with in-store sales and marketing program by attending more expos and tradeshows, demoing product in store and launching a social media campaign to reach a larger audience.

Forte Whole Foods Inc., Vancouver:

$5,030.67 to increase sales and repeat sales orders through direct sales to consumers at farmer’s markets; consumer shows and online sales by running print and transit ads; and launching a social media campaign in the fall to promote before the holiday season.

Golden Ears Cheesecrafters Ltd., Maple Ridge:

$33,750 to increase sales through growing retail and wholesale distribution to local retailers and restaurants, and increase attendance of cheese making classes through advertising, social media promotion, upgrading the company website and developing more signs for products.

Inno Specialty Foods, Coquitlam:

$52,385 to increase domestic sales and obtain new sales avenues by increasing consumer awareness at tradeshows, updating the company website, launching a social media campaign, producing print and radio ads and setting up in-store displays.

Johnston's, Chilliwack:

$52,500 to increase the sales of local B.C. pork and value added items by strengthening Johnston’s brand, and presence in the B.C. market place through advertising, social media, website, promotional items and product videos.

JusTea Beverages Inc., Vancouver:

$7,070 to increase sales in B.C. by launching a PR campaign, attending local tradeshows and demoing product in stores.

KAPOW NOW!, Vancouver:

$7,725 to increase online engagement to generate more online sales through a web and social media campaign, developing promotional materials, demos of the product and new signage.

Little Creek Dressing, Kelowna:

$17,325 to increase sales and bring the products of Little Creek Dressing to a wider audience and differentiate it as a local, high quality dressing by sampling products, print advertising, in-store displays, promotional hand-outs and upgrading the website.

MAVA Foods Ltd., Richmond:

$6,475 to increase sales and sign up new clients to the Meals on Wheel program with web and social media promotion, advertising, media release, hosting events and creating promotional materials.

Meadow Valley Meats, Chilliwack:

$30,075 to increase demand and sales of local meat products by creating new packaging and signage, promoting on social media, updating the company website, and developing advertising and promotional materials.

Naturally Homegrown Foods Ltd., Maple Ridge:

$58,450 to increase demand for the Hardbite brand of snacks in the local provincial market to lead to increased sales through social media, website, creating promotional materials and signage.

Naturo Group Investments Inc., Vancouver:

$63,377.50 to expand and introduce product into larger grocery chains and increase presence of product in restaurants by creating new packaging and labelling, developing promotional and advertising materials, in-store promotions and demos, updating the company website, contests and attending tradeshows and local events.

Nonna Pia’s Gourmet Sauces Ltd., Whistler:

$72,004 to increase sales and brand awareness in B.C. by demoing in stores and educating consumers about the products unique health attributes and clean ingredient list.

North of 49 Naturals, North Vancouver:

$34,917.50 to increase consumer awareness about the product’s benefits for health and B.C. landfills. The company is aiming to increase product sales and distribution with updates to the company website, promotion on social media, advertising materials, instore demos and attending consumer tradeshows.

Rossdown Natural Foods Ltd., Abbotsford:

$67,838.75 to increase sales and market share by increasing distribution of Rossdown products throughout B.C. with radio and print advertising, in store shelf talkers and providing coupons to shoppers.

Sun-Rype Products Ltd., Kelowna:

$70,000 to increase sales and brand awareness for the Rider Cider hard cider with tribute ad, developing packaging, creating point of sale materials for the 70th anniversary campaign and Rider Cider promotions.

Sunrise Pita Company Ltd., Burnaby:

$21,315 to increase sales and attract new customers from ethnic markets with newspaper and magazine advertising, new website design, creating signs and banners for tradeshows and in store demos and hand-outs.

Tropical Link Canada Ltd., Burnaby:

$26,900 to increase sales and awareness of the locally grown, processed and package product through social media, information on website, creating promotional materials and packaging and signage for product.