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What’s being said about the invasive plant pilot project in the Thompson-Nicola region

John Ranta, chair, Thompson-Nicola Regional District

“Given the challenges of managing with knapweed and other invasive plants, the Thompson-Nicola Regional District welcomes the opportunity to participate in this pilot project. Having funding confirmed in advance, as well as the increase in funding, should help us win the battle with the weeds.”

Justine Densmore-McCulloch, Southern Interior Weed Management Committee

“We are happy to see an increase in the resources dedicated to invasive plant management in the Southern Interior, and will continue to be an active partner and advocate for education, awareness, and co-ordination among stakeholders and the public.”

John Anderson, past-president of the Nicola Stockbreeders Association and director with the British Columbia Cattlemen’s Association

“The Nicola Stockbreeders Association is pleased to have additional support for the control of invasive plants on grazing tenures. Healthy grasslands and ecological systems are important to British Columbians and to B.C. cattle producers and we look forward to working with the government to implement this initiative effectively and efficiently.”

Joe Gardner, vice-president and general manager, Douglas Lake Cattle Company

“The Douglas Lake Cattle Company is very pleased with this announcement. The recognition of the need for increased invasive weed control on the Crown ranges in the Southern Interior is a big step forward in our opinion. These Crown grasslands provide for many species of animals besides our cattle and the continuing march of the weeds needs to be arrested or curtailed!”

David Hillary, managing director, Grasslands Conservation Council of British Columbia

“The Grasslands Conservation Council of British Columbia applauds the Government of British Columbia for its increased investment in noxious weed control. While grasslands make up only 1% of the provincial land base, they provide habitat for over 30% of the species at risk in the province. Noxious weeds are one of the most significant threats to these grasslands and control of this threat is critically important.”

Brian Heise, chair, Invasive Species Council of British Columbia

“We are pleased to see an increased investment for the much-needed control of invasive plants in important ecosystems in B.C. The Invasive Species Council of B.C. looks forward to collaborating with its partners and providing training. Increased operational funding is vital to avoid long-term impacts on B.C.’s economy and our environment.”