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Improving Canada’s supply chain through inland terminals

The Province is committing up to $150,000 to examine the viability of Ashcroft Terminal as a part of Canada’s Pacific Gateway.

This builds on work the Province has done in partnership with the Ministry of Energy and Mines and the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations, the ports and the private sector to examine ways to improve B.C.’s resource sector supply chain. Canada’s Budget 2017 has also noted the terminal’s potential role in reducing congestion at Lower Mainland ports by handling cargo inland.

Components of the Province’s upcoming study could include:

  • Assessment of potential for an expanded Ashcroft Terminal to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the transportation system for handling cargo through the Port of Vancouver;
  • Analysis of the ability for Ashcroft Terminal as an intermodal and trans-load facility to alleviate traffic congestion, and to address the lack of available industrial land in the Lower Mainland;
  • Cross-jurisdictional scan to determine best practices for inland ports and assess how Ashcroft Terminal could leverage this information;
  • Assessment of benefits to international trade and integration into the Pacific Gateway of an expanded Ashcroft Terminal;
  • Identification of benefits to the Province (impacts and benefits on the transportation trade network, benefits to resource sector producers), and to local and regional economies of the expansion of Ashcroft Terminal;
  • Assessment of costs, benefits and impacts on local First Nations and communities, and environmental impacts; and,
  • Identification of potential partnership development with various parties including the ports and railways.