Plan for the future with the new B.C. Labour Market Outlook (

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Plan for the future with the new B.C. Labour Market Outlook

How is the outlook produced?

  • The outlook uses the most current data from various sources, including BC Stats, the B.C. Ministry of Finance, Statistics Canada and other federal departments.
  • An economic modelling system analyzes the data collected and other factors affecting labour market supply and demand. Data is reviewed based on industry, occupation, geographic region, skills and competencies.
  • The outlook produces a list of high-demand occupations by:
    • assigning indicators for expected job opportunities, expected labour market tightness and current labour market tightness.
    • These indicators are assigned a weight based on their impact on labour market conditions.
  • Projections are tested with employers, unions, industry groups and post-secondary institutions.

Which industries will have the most job openings?

  • There will be job openings across various industries throughout the province.
  • The 10 industry groups with the most job openings in the next decade, ranked in order, are as follows: 
    1. health care and social assistance
    2. professional, scientific and technical services
    3. retail trade
    4. accommodation and food services
    5. finance, insurance and real estate
    6. information, culture and recreation
    7. transportation and warehousing
    8. educational services
    9. manufacturing
    10. construction

Which regions of B.C. will have the most jobs?

  • Thousands of jobs are expected in every region of B.C.
  • The regions with the largest number of job openings are the Mainland/Southwest (65%) and Vancouver Island/Coast (17%).
  • Specifically, the job openings are distributed between regions as follows:
    • Mainland/Southwest: 588,470 job openings
    • Vancouver Island/Coast: 153,820 job openings
    • Thompson-Okanagan: 91,190 job openings
    • Kootenay: 24,080 job openings
    • Cariboo: 18,080 job openings
    • Northeast: 14,380 job openings
    • North Coast and Nechako: 12,990 job openings

What occupations will be in high demand?

  • The outlook produces a list of high-demand occupations, broken down by education and training requirements, with a separate section for health professions.
  • These occupations are considered to be the best job opportunities for British Columbians in the next decade.
  • The top three occupations in each category are:
  • Management:
    1. retail and wholesale trade managers
    2. restaurant and food service managers
    3. senior managers - financial, communications and other business services
  • Degree:
    1. financial auditors and accountants
    2. elementary school and kindergarten teachers
    3. information systems analysts and consultants
  • Diploma/certificate/apprenticeship:
    1. administrative officers
    2. social and community service workers
    3. accounting technicians and bookkeepers
  • High school and/or occupation-specific training:
    1. receptionists
    2. food and beverage servers
    3. home support workers, housekeepers and related occupations
  • Health:
    1. family physicians
    2. nurse practitioners
    3. health-care assistants