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Factsheet: Delta Distribution Centre

The Liquor Distribution Branch (LDB) is responsible for the importation, distribution, wholesaling and retailing of beverage alcohol in British Columbia and is the sole importer of liquor into the province. It provides a pivotal function in B.C.’s system of beverage alcohol warehousing and distribution, with over 18 million cases flowing through its distribution centres in Vancouver and Kamloops in 2017-18.

  • The LDB’s new distribution centre is located at 7003 72nd St. in Delta.
  • The newly renovated 37,161 square metres (400,000 square feet) of space will replace the circa 1964 Vancouver Distribution Centre (VDC) at Broadway Avenue and Rupert Street, which has just over 18, 581 square metres (200,000 square feet) of warehouse space.
  • The capital project for the new distribution centre in Delta, including costs for building renovation, new equipment, new systems and the relocation, has been completed within its budget of $57.1 million.
  • The distribution centre in Delta will operate 24 hours a day with three shifts per day Monday to Friday, just like the VDC. Once the warehouse is fully operational, the LDB will assess whether shift changes are needed based on workflow needs.
    • Approximately 560 full-time equivalent staff work at VDC.
  • Some highlights:
    • Newly designed three-level bottle pick area to increase efficiency in processing custom orders.
    • Four pallet scale and wrapping machines — two are automated and two are semi-automated.
    • Customer order pickup area is twice the size of current space in VDC.
    • Improved cardboard recycling system for empty boxes, carried by conveyor from several points in the bottle pick tower.
    • Larger, brighter and more environmentally friendly area to process product breakage and returns.
    • More than double the number of shipping/receiving bay doors (to 39 from 18).
    • Larger yard can accommodate more trailers in shipping and receiving.
    • Closer location to barges allows for better service of Vancouver Island customers.
  • LDB’s warehouses, directly or indirectly, serve approximately 10,000 customers, including:
    • 197 public BC Liquor Stores
    • 672 licensee retail stores
    • Over 400 restaurants and hotels
  • Warehouse teams processed 8 million cases and 2.6 million bottles in the last year.
    • Approximately 65,000 cases and 10,000 bottles a day.
  • Total LDB sales last year were:
    • Beer: $1.185 billion ($1 billion packaged, $185 million draft)
    • Wine: $1.19 billion
    • Spirits: $861 million
    • Refreshment beverages: $217 million