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More fire prevention activities eligible for funding

Mitigating wildfire risks is a shared responsibility of the provincial government, local governments, First Nations, industry, stakeholders and individual British Columbians.

FireSmart is the Canadian standard recognized by all provinces and territories for reducing wildfire risks. It is based on National Fire Protection Association standards that have evolved over the last 40 years.

FireSmart is backed by a vast amount of field, laboratory and modelling research. Its methods have been demonstrated time and time again to reduce the risk of losses, under even the most extreme fire conditions.

The types of fire prevention work eligible for funding under the new Community Resiliency Investment Program are being expanded to include more activities covered by the FireSmart program’s seven disciplines:

  • education
  • vegetation management
  • legislation and planning
  • development considerations
  • inter-agency co-operation
  • emergency planning
  • cross-training

Individual British Columbians can play a crucial role in mitigating wildfire risks on private property by undertaking FireSmart initiatives around their homes. The FireSmart Homeowner’s Manual includes a checklist to assess potential wildfire risks and advice on how to reduce those threats. The manual and more information about the FireSmart program are available here: http://gov.bc.ca/firesmart  

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