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BikeBC Program

BikeBC supports communities throughout the province with funding for the construction of new cycling infrastructure.

  • In response to the survey conducted with stakeholders and communities around B.C., the ministry has enhanced the program criteria to address improvements that further support the expansion of cycling infrastructure in British Columbia. Highlights include:
    • Ensuring consistency in program timelines
    • Expanding beyond infrastructure
    • Supporting bicycle network planning
    • Clarifying the types of cyclists who are targeted
    • Increasing flexibility around funding
  • Since 1996, the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure has provided funding up to 50% in cost-shared funding for new cycling infrastructure to local governments, municipalities, regional districts and First Nations communities.
  • Over the past five years, the program has announced $26.74 million in funding for 113 cycling projects. Due to the cost-sharing nature of the grants, this has resulted in over $53 million invested in cycling infrastructure in communities throughout B.C.
B.C. Air Access Program

The B.C. Air Access Program (BCAAP) is a cost-share program that provides funding to assist communities with improvements to their airport infrastructure, including funds to support safety improvements, increase economic opportunities and address environmental and climate change concerns.

  • The ministry has made improvements to allow the program to become more responsive and provide an environmental focus that supports the continued focus on core program infrastructure. Highlights for changes in the program include:
    • Simplifying the application process
    • Adding environmental considerations as a funding parameter to encourage green transportation in the aviation sector
    • Enhancing program eligibility to reduce barriers and allow smaller communities to participate in the program
    • Increasing funding flexibility to enhance project opportunities
  • BCAAP was launched in 2015, and has provided $24 million in funds to 44 airports throughout British Columbia. Existing projects have included improvements for crack sealing at Vanderhoof Airport and a significant terminal building expansion in Terrace.
  • B.C. has more than 300 public airports, heliports and water aerodromes, which play a significant role in connecting communities and in supporting the economy.
  • B.C.’s airports handle 20% of Canada’s airport traffic, and nearly a quarter of all take-offs and landings.