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Bus service timeline
  • September 2017: Greyhound Canada announced it was applying to eliminate service along six routes in northern British Columbia, one route in the Lower Mainland and two routes on Vancouver Island, as well as a reduction in service frequency on all other B.C. routes.
  • December 2017: The Passenger Transportation Board held public hearings in the north-central region of B.C. to assess public need for service.
  • February 2018: The Passenger Transportation Board approved Greyhound's application to withdraw service no sooner than May 31, 2018.
  • May 2018: Greyhound provided notice of elimination of all northern B.C. passenger service, as of May 31, 2018.
  • June 2018: The Province launched BC Bus North, a provincially funded, base-level, interim service to cover the majority of routes in northern B.C. formerly covered by Greyhound.
  • July 2018: Greyhound announced its full withdrawal of passenger and freight intercity bus service from Western Canada and parts of Ontario, effective Oct. 31, 2018, including the 10 remaining routes in B.C.
  • July 2018: The B.C. government and the Passenger Transportation Board announced fast-tracking of applications to minimize the impact to communities.
  • October 2018: The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, along with the Passenger Transportation Board, announced six applications were fast-tracked, with three applications pending.