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Jill Milne

Government Communications and Public Engagement
Ministry of Agriculture
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Darcy Smith

B.C. Land Program Manager, Land Matcher
Young Agrarians
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B.C. Land Matching Program

The program is helping make connections for new and young farmers all over the province:


  • A three-year lease was completed for a 0.71-hectare (1.75-acre) cherry orchard in the South Okanagan.
  • A one-year lease agreement with three-year renewal option on 1.01 hectares (2.5 acres) between landowners in West Kelowna and a new market gardener.
  • A 20-year lease in Summerland for a new vineyard on 7.28 hectares (18 acres).
  • A year-to-year lease agreement for a new flower farm on 0.24 hectares (0.6 acres) in Central Kelowna, on Agricultural Land Reserve land.

Vancouver Island:

  • A market garden was matched to 0.20 hectares (0.5 acres) on a property outside Duncan on a rolling lease.
  • An established 0.08-hectare (0.2-acre) garden with housing in Saanich was matched to a farming couple, with other sites already in production on the peninsula.
  • 1.61 hectares (four acres) of a 2.8-hectare (seven-acre) property in Cobble Hill for a market garden were matched to a land-seeking farmer with eight years of experience at an incubator farm.
  • A garlic farmer starting up was matched to a 0.80 hectare (two-acre) property in Saanich for a year-to-year rolling lease.
  • An apiary was matched to an organic market garden farm in Metchosin for a year-to-year rolling lease.
  • A cow, goat, sheep and chicken farmer was matched to 1.21 hectares (three acres) in Yellow Point.

Columbia Basin:

  • A 10-year lease on 1.01 hectares (2.5 acres) in Creston between a new farmer starting up doing garlic production and a neighbouring landowner was completed.

Metro Vancouver/Fraser Valley:

  • A four-year lease agreement was completed for a farmer starting a 0.18-hectare (0.45-acre) vegetable and apiary operation in Langley.
  • A startup apiary was matched to a 8.09-hectare (20-acre) property in Surrey with a temporary six-month lease, and is in negotiations for a 10-year leasing agreement.
  • A farmer specializing in Japanese vegetables was matched and completed agreements for a total of 0.81 hectares (two acres) on two neighbouring properties in Surrey.
  • 0.30 hectares (0.75 acres) on a 1.21-hectare (three-acre) property in Burnaby were matched to a flower farmer.
  • A land-use agreement template was developed for a farmer with a six-year lease on property in Burnaby to use with additional farmers on the land — a flower farmer and a mixed-vegetable farmer.
  • A farmer with an apiary operation was matched to two properties in Abbotsford. Approximately 0.10 hectares (0.25 acres) of each property is allocated for bees.
  • An existing flower farm business was matched, and an agreement completed for 0.40 hectares (one acre) in Richmond, including the transfer of assets from the previous farmer.
  • A five-year lease agreement for a seed startup and educational program was completed for 1.21 hectares (three acres) of a 8.09-hectare (20-acre) property in Abbotsford.