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What people are saying about school-police partnerships

Ted De Jager, president, B.C. Association of Chiefs of Police —

“This protocol is a great step forward to improve communication and collaboration between police and education partners in our shared commitment to build on current safety initiatives. We are very encouraged by this protocol and look forward as chiefs of police in B.C. to this key partnership, as we all work together to enhance the safety in our schools.”

Kevin Godden, superintendent, Abbotsford school district —

“The students and families of our community have been the benefactors of a long-standing and positive relationship between the district and the Abbotsford Police Department. As a consequence of this relationship, we have been able to successfully share information to allow us to proactively plan co-ordinated responses to crisis events, as well as effectively respond to them when they occur. It is a consequence of this relationship and commitment to safety that we were able to respond effectively to the tragedy in our community in 2016, and have been able to avert several potentially dangerous events over the last few years. The new provincial school-police guidelines are a positive and welcomed step to improving the co-ordination and training of district and police staff to keep children safe in our school communities.” 

Theresa Campbell, CEO, Safer Schools Together —

“School safety is a shared responsibility that requires a commitment to co-operation, collaboration and communication. We are pleased and excited to see the announcement of these guidelines. Schools and police must have a common understanding of each partner’s roles and responsibilities when engaged in violence threat risk assessments. Through the Erase strategy, government, schools, police and other service providers are working collaboratively to share pertinent information about an individual who may be on a pathway to violence, radicalization or a risk of harm to themselves or others. These collaborative multi-disciplinary teams will continue to help ensure public safety, timely intervention and support.” 

Jody Langlois, associate superintendent of schools, School District No. 39 (Vancouver)

“Strong relationships between schools and police are vitally important to ensuring student safety. I am so pleased the provincial school police guidelines will soon be available for widespread use and will help ensure a consistent approach to preventing violence in schools provincewide.”

Del Manak, chief, Victoria Police Department —

“Maintaining school safety is a priority for police departments throughout the Province of British Columbia. These guidelines are a major step forward in ensuring school safety across the province.”