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Proposed new land additions to Class A parks

Bridge Lake Provincial Park addition (29 hectares): Located in the Cariboo region between 100 Mile House and Clearwater, Bridge Lake Provincial Park is a popular recreation area protecting a lengthy stretch of undeveloped shoreline and islands in the lake — except for one. A 29-hectare island, known as Heritage Island, will be added to the park. The total area of this park will be 434 hectares.

Harmony Islands Marine Provincial Park addition (2.5 hectares): A popular destination for boaters, Harmony Islands Marine Provincial Park is among a group of small islands that make up the Harmony Islands in Jervis Inlet, located approximately 90 kilometres from Vancouver. The addition brings the east side of Hotham Island into the park, which will span the entire island. The total area of this park will be 46 hectares.

Kikomun Creek Provincial Park addition (17 hectares): The additional land featuring a wetland and small lake secures an inholding that was completely encompassed within the park boundaries and was identified as a priority shortly after the park’s establishment in 1972. Located on Koocanusa Lake southeast of Cranbrook, Kikomun Creek Provincial Park protects a rare open forest and grassland, and is a popular area for camping, mountain biking, hiking and boating. The total area of this park will be 699 hectares.

Myra-Bellevue Provincial Park addition (19 hectares): Situated in the northern section of the park that borders Kelowna, the addition contains an open forest, grassland ecosystem and significant wetland. It also addresses long-standing trespass issues in the area known for mountain biking and hiking trails that intersect within the park. In addition to the 16.4-hecatre property acquired in 2018, a road access to the acquired parcel, previously exempted from the park, is being added. The addition also contains habitat that supports various wildlife, some of which is considered at-risk in the province. The total area of this park will be approximately 7,696 hectares.

Purcell Wilderness Conservancy Provincial Park addition (four acres): The Purcell Wilderness Conservancy Park is an undeveloped mountain landscape home to at least 90 species of birds and several animals, such as elk, goats, black bears and grizzly bears. Located northeast of Kaslo near the community of Birchdale, the addition provides an important habitat connection to the larger portion of the Purcell Wilderness Conservancy Park. The total area of this park will be 198,120 hectares.

Syringa Provincial Park addition (35 hectares): Syringa Provincial Park not only protects provincially significant interior Douglas fir forests, it also preserves one of the few remaining examples of grassland ecosystems in the Kootenays. The addition to the park is within a rare ecosystem and provides important winter range for deer and bighorn sheep. Located in south central B.C. near the southeast end of Lower Arrow Lake, the park is a popular destination for camping, fishing and boating. The total area of this park will be 4,538 hectares.