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Jen Holmwood

Deputy Communications Director
Office of the Premier
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Ministry of Health

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What people are saying about team-based care

Leah Hollins, board chair, Island Health –

“We are delighted about this partnership. An expanded medical clinic in Sooke will serve as an important part of the network of care for people in that area. The clinic will connect people to an integrated team of professionals to provide them with the timely, appropriate care they need right in their own community.”

Dr. Vanessa Young, board chair, South Island Division of Family Practice — 

“The South Island Division of Family Practice Board supports the expansion of the West Coast Family Medical Clinic through the collaborative primary care network planning process.”

Dr. Anton Rabien, owner, West Coast Family Medical Clinic –  

“We look forward to adding allied health providers to our care team and expanding our clinic as part of our ongoing collaboration with Island Health and the Ministry of Health. We are excited to continue our transformation toward team-based primary care, as we believe these changes will not only ensure the citizens of our growing community can continue to access the quality care they need and deserve, but will also help us to recruit new family physicians to Sooke.”