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Partnerships through SIF projects support students throughout B.C.

The new University of British Columbia Undergraduate Life Sciences Teaching Laboratories opened to students in September 2019.

The facility includes classrooms, teaching laboratories, support areas, plant and specimen collection areas, offices and a 240-seat lecture theatre.

Undergraduate life-sciences programs housed in the new facility include biology, microbiology, immunology, biochemistry, molecular biology and cellular and physiological sciences.

The modern, hands-on laboratories will prepare students for fields such as immunology, food science, agriculture and medicine.

There will be about 900,000 job openings in B.C. in the next decade. Approximately 9% will be in science and technology.

British Columbia has received $257 million through the Post-Secondary Institutions Strategic Investment Fund (SIF). Twenty public post-secondary institutions and one private First Nations institution in B.C. are benefiting from 30 individual projects throughout the province.

The SIF portion of all 30 projects is substantially complete. With the official completion of this project, one more project remains to be opened.

Total capital funding for all B.C. SIF projects is $709 million:

  • $257 million from the Government of Canada;
  • $278 million from the Province of British Columbia; and
  • $174 million from post-secondary institutions and donors.