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What people are saying about the Together for Wildlife strategy

Nancy Wilkin, co-chair, Minister’s Wildlife Advisory Council –

“Wildlife is critical to the future of British Columbians and the Together for Wildlife Strategy provides the steps to take action. Thank you to the minister for putting his trust in all of us and to the esteemed British Columbians who have stepped forward to become part of the council. I am committed to ensuring the council becomes a publicly trusted, independent source of advice on the implementation of the Together for Wildlife strategy.”

Chief Gordon Planes, T’Sou’ke Nation –

“The Province has taken some important first steps in reconciliation with regard to wildlife management in British Columbia. There is still a long way to go and with many First Nations in Canada – many perspectives are yet to be brought to bear. As a Douglas Treaty Nation, we are guaranteed the right to ‘hunt and fish as formerly,’ which translates to looking after the land so it can in turn look after us. With this initiative and others, we look forward to fulfilling this shared responsibility to wildlife with the Province and others.”

Bill Bosch, president, BC Wildlife Federation –

“Together for Wildlife outlines actions such as setting objectives for B.C.’s wildlife and their habitats, making decisions based on evidence and dedicating funding to make it all happen. These are actions that the BC Wildlife Federation has long promoted. As B.C.’s leading conservation organization, the BC Wildlife Federation will welcome an opportunity to work with B.C.’s government, First Nations and stakeholders to expedite the process of restoring, recovering and protecting B.C.’s wildlife and their habitats, with a focus on ‘meaningful on-the-ground work’ that is long overdue. The BC Wildlife Federation hopes this plan is an indication that B.C.’s government is committed to improving B.C.’s wildlife and wildlife habitat, including providing sufficient funding to deliver in a timely manner on the actions as outlined in Together for Wildlife.”

Jon Henderson, president, Wildlife Stewardship Council –

“We are facing many challenges on the land today, and we must do much better for the sake of all wildlife and the land that sustains us. Wildlife cannot speak. We must speak for them. And this can only be done effectively if we truly work Together for Wildlife. As president of the Wildlife Stewardship Council, I am a strong believer in a collaborative approach to wildlife stewardship. I encourage all British Columbians to support this exciting initiative and to work together respectfully to maintain and restore B.C.’s biodiversity and abundant wildlife populations for all to enjoy.”

Matt Christensen, acting head of conservation programs, Ducks Unlimited Canada

“This strategy is reflective of the complexity involved in stewarding B.C.’s diverse wildlife and rich habitats. The commitment to significant new investments, opportunity for dialogue, informed decision making and transparency will ensure its success. This strategy will play an important role in strengthening existing partnerships, like the Conservation Lands Partnership Program, and galvanizing new ones. We are excited to work with the Province on its implementation to ensure important sensitive habitats, such as wetlands, are protected for the future of both people and wildlife.”

Scott Ellis, executive director, Guide Outfitters Association of BC –

“Together for Wildlife is a great strategy to improve wildlife stewardship in British Columbia. The actions should result in better wildlife populations. The Guide Outfitters Association of BC is really pleased to see the provincial government honour its commitment to making wildlife a priority.”