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What people are saying about the Burrard Inlet Rapid Transit Study

Khelsilem, spokesperson and councillor, Squamish Nation –

“Expanded and efficient transit to connect our communities is important to many Squamish Nation citizens who live on the North Shore and in the City of Vancouver. The study is one step along many to come, but it’s an important one to explore. The Squamish Nation has been proud to be a part of the North Shore's strategic transportation planning group (NXSTPP).”

Kevin Desmond, CEO, TransLink –

“This study will complement Transport 2050, Metro Vancouver’s blueprint for the next 30 years of transportation. In the coming phase of public engagement for Transport 2050, we will ask residents and stakeholder groups to think critically about which transportation initiatives are the most important to the long-term liveability of our region. As the population of Metro Vancouver rapidly grows, it’s essential that the transit network also grows and expands to the places that need it most.”

Linda Buchanan, mayor, City of North Vancouver –

“Delivering efficient and sustainable transportation options to North Shore residents is crucial in keeping our communities vibrant and moving. I’m pleased to see this study enter Phase 2 and to see the positive results of intergovernmental co-operation on issues that matter to all people.”

Mary-Ann Booth, mayor, District of West Vancouver and chair, NXSTPP –

“As chair of the North Shore's strategic transportation planning group, NXSTPP, I am very pleased to be collaborating with the Province, community leaders and transportation partners to plan for a rapid transit crossing over Burrard Inlet for our residents. This is important work for the region given the growing population and serious congestion challenges."

Kennedy Stewart, mayor, City of Vancouver –

“The city understands that residents throughout the region are looking for reliable travel times and convenient access to jobs and leisure opportunities on both sides of the Burrard Inlet. We continue to work with partners on transportation improvements, as well as rapid transit strategies, to advance regional and provincial objectives through our own Climate Emergency Response actions."

Mike Little, mayor, District of North Vancouver –

“On behalf of the District of North Vancouver, I’m pleased to continue working with the ministry and North Shore partners as we embark on Phase 2 of the feasibility study. Transportation is the top challenge facing our community right now. Identifying new rapid transit options is a crucial step in the right direction to connect our communities and begin addressing the traffic congestion issues that impact our residents. We anticipate the results of this study will identify feasible options that support our long-term transportation planning goals.”