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What people are saying about the EPR strategy expansion

Sav Dhaliwal, chair, Metro Vancouver Board of Directors

“Metro Vancouver is thrilled that the Province continues to expand Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) programs. Our member jurisdictions spend more than $5 million each year cleaning up abandoned waste and picking up bulky items, with mattresses representing a significant portion of materials collected. With the addition of medical sharps, propane cylinders and fire extinguishers, the program will promote safe disposal and reduce the risk to the public and waste management workers.”

Calvin Jameson, president, Indigenous Zero Waste Technical Advisory Group

“We fully support including mattresses and single-use propane canisters in EPR programs. It will help with the problem of unauthorized disposal in back country locations. Also, it will assist our remote and coastal communities that find it particularly difficult to manage discarded camping fuel canisters.”

Jennifer Ivan, site operations technician, Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD)

“We are elated about this announcement. Our new regional landfill opened in August 2017 in Cumberland, so recycling mattresses is critical in meeting diversion targets and will help the community work towards our zero waste targets. Regulating such a hard-to-recycle item like mattresses is a game changer that ensures our local communities, businesses and non-profits aren’t saddled with these end-use items. The CVRD is excited to have this support from the ministry and look forward to the implementation of all of the programs announced today.”

Grant Hankins, president, Waste Management Association of BC (WMABC)

“We are pleased to see the Province starting with a comprehensive review of current recycling services for packaging material generated by the industrial, commercial and institutional sector, before embarking on any particular regulatory path. The WMABC looks forward to working with the provincial government and other stakeholders on this important initiative.”

Al Richmond, director, Cariboo Regional District Area G

“Today’s announcement is welcome news. Local governments have been advocating for expansion to extended producer responsibility. It will reduce the burden on taxpayers and shift most of the costs associated with recycling items like mattresses and single use propane tanks to producers and consumers. It will be especially important to our remote and rural communities that have a limited tax base and higher costs for recycling this kind of waste.”