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The B.C. Supply Chain Resiliency and Value-Added Manufacturing Grant project
  • Manufacturing is foundational to B.C.’s economy, providing critical goods and serving as an essential source of well-paying jobs in all regions of the Province. 
  • COVID-19 highlighted the importance of resilient and reliable supply chains. 
  • There are more than 11,000 small- and medium-sized manufacturing companies in B.C. contributing $17 billion to the economy each year.
  • From transforming raw materials into food and beverage products, forestry products and medical equipment, to making parts for the aerospace and shipbuilding industries, B.C. manufacturing is diverse, supports export growth and pays higher-than-average wages.
  • Like many jurisdictions, B.C. is exploring opportunities to support manufacturing to:
    • diversify product offerings to meet domestic and global demands;
    • shorten supply chains to enhance efficiencies;
    • reduce reliance on imports;
    • increase access to localized goods as a part of economic resiliency and recovery strategies; and
    • advance innovation and adopt technologies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.