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What people are saying about expanded early psychosis treatments, supports in B.C.

Faydra Aldridge, chief executive officer, BC Schizophrenia Society –

“More than ever, young people and their families need early access to treatment before a crisis occurs. Early intervention leads to better results for people with serious mental illness. This funding not only provides vital services and supports, but gives young people and their families hope.”

Michele K. –

"I see first-hand how families just like mine are able to change their lives for the better when they get services and support early in their loved one’s mental illness. I am thankful that the Province recognizes how vital it is to get help early. It saves lives.”

Tracy Windsor, alumni council, Early Psychosis Intervention –

"The experience of psychosis and its aftermath was the most difficult period in my life. In the early years of my recovery from psychosis, I was completely hopeless, and I placed my trust in the early psychosis intervention care team who provided me with unwavering support. My care team empowered me with a foundation of tools, resources and skills that I needed to build the meaningful and fulfilling life I live today."

Anne Liao, alumni council, Early Psychosis Intervention –

“I was really confused when I experienced psychosis for the first time, and I did not understand why everyone around me was concerned. Early psychosis intervention provided education, wraparound support and treatment that helped me get back on track so that I could finally complete my undergraduate degree. I am now working to support others early in their journey with psychosis, and I know this funding will help make a difference.”

Dr. Diane Fredrikson, psychiatrist, Vancouver Coastal Health –

“My patients living with psychosis have told me that help was only available when their illness was urgent. This funding will help change that, by providing treatment and support early on in a young person's illness. Getting people mental health support early can reduce the burden on health care down the road.”