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Facts about B.C.‘s Invasive Mussel Defence Program
  • In 2021, crews from the Invasive Mussel Defence Program completed 33,300 inspections and interacted with more than 61,000 people to promote "Clean, Drain, Dry" practices.
  • During the inspections:
    • 244 watercraft were identified as high risk;
    • 100 decontamination orders were issued; and
    • 18 watercraft were issued quarantine periods to meet the required drying time.
  • The Conservation Officer Service's Aquatic Invasive Species inspectors completed 153 decontaminations in 2021.
  • Unlike B.C.’s native mussels, zebra and quagga mussels attach to hard surfaces, allowing them to move between waterbodies by boats and equipment.
    • The mussels multiply rapidly and are extremely difficult to eliminate once they become established.
  • In 2013, the economic impacts of invasive mussels to hydropower, agricultural irrigation, municipal water supplies and recreational boating were estimated to be $43 million per year if introduced into B.C.
    • This does not include additional effects on commercial and recreational fisheries, tourism or property values.