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Facts about heat pumps, incentives
  • People in the North who have already installed pumps this year may still be eligible for the Northern Residential Heat Pump Incentive as it is retroactive to April 1, 2022.    
  • This incentive is offered through the CleanBC Better Homes and Better Buildings programs, which are open to residents with utility accounts with either BC Hydro or Fortis: applicants must meet the eligibility criteria of these programs.
  • Most heat pumps produce 97% less greenhouse gas emissions than a high-efficiency natural gas furnace.
  • The PST exemption on heat pumps was introduced in Budget 2022, alongside an increase from 7% to 12% on fossil fuel combustion systems, effective April 1, 2022.
  • Revenue from this increase will offset the cost of the new northern and rural incentive programs.
  • People considering making the switch from fossil fuel heating to heat pumps should also check the availability of other rebates and funding through their local municipalities, federal government, and BC Hydro.
  • BC Hydro offers a $3,000 top-up for all-electric air source heat pumps when fuel switching.