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What people are saying about Community Transition Teams

Jennifer Duff, chief operating officer, BC Mental Health and Substance Use Services –

“We recognize how critical it is to support individuals with substance-use and mental-health needs as they return to their community following incarceration. The expansion of the Community Transition Teams program will have a positive impact on individuals, as well as the communities they will be returning to. We are excited to continue our excellent working relationship with government, BC Corrections and other organizations in the community.”

Nancy Desrosiers, executive director, Correctional Health Services –

“We see the Community Transition Team as an integral part of our health-care team and the care continuum for individuals placed in custody and returning to their home community. Correctional Health Services assumed health-care responsibility for individuals in provincial correctional centres in 2017 and have seen a commitment to improving health outcomes for individuals often requiring significant care, support and intervention when incarcerated.”

Lana Popham, MLA for Saanich South –

“People leaving correctional centres are at a particularly vulnerable time in their life, and they need proper mental-health and substance-use supports. These Community Transition Teams will make sure people have a successful transition and help them thrive in their respective communities.”

Samantha, former Community Transition Teams client –

“I really appreciated the support Community Transition Teams provided in connecting me with the Ministry of Child and Family Development. They even took me to meetings outside the city. Community Transition Teams really supported me, came with me to court, held my hand and sat with me while I was waiting. After release, they made sure I got to a women’s clinic, and they didn’t just drop me off, they stayed with me.”

Steve, former Community Transition Team client –

“As a person who utilized the service, it really went a long way to helping create a situation where I could have a life today. I had really nothing when I got released last time, and they really helped me to make sure I was safe, gave me the transportation I needed and made sure that the services I needed were there.”

Della, social worker, Community Transition Team –

“It’s important for me to help them transition into society, because there are so many barriers for our clients when they are in custody and trying to connect with their community supports. So we really help bridge that gap and be a part of it, walking with them every step of the way.”