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What people are saying about the Westshore Community Health Centre

Leah Hollins, board chair, Island Health –

“The Westshore Community Health Centre is a testament to the power of partnerships and the effectiveness of team-based care. This wonderful facility, helmed by a dedicated team of health-care professionals, will provide Western Communities residents with better access to primary health-care services that are culturally safe and patient-centred.”

Shawna Adams, board chair, Pacific Centre Family Services Association –

"Pacific Centre Family Services Association provides a range of mental-health counselling and support services for the most vulnerable children, youth, adults and families in our community. We are excited to extend these services to integrate the Westshore Community Health Centre. In order to reach this milestone, we have developed extensive community partnerships and have been a leading force in community improvement, involvement and collaboration, which we will continue to leverage to advocate for additional services in our community."

Dr. Ramneek Dosanjh, president, Doctors of BC –

“We look forward to the integration of the Westshore Community Health Centre within primary care networks to provide more timely access to health-care services while supporting those important long-term relationships and continuity of care that result in better health outcomes for patients.”

Dr. Randal Mason, co-chair, South Island Division of Family Practice –

“The Westshore Community Health Centre is a great example of collaboration between government and community organizations to develop a care system for people who face barriers or need additional support beyond what may be offered in a traditional family practice. The South Island Division of Family Practice is thankful for this much-needed resource within our Western Communities Primary Care Network.”

Westshore Community Health Centre

Community Health Centres are typically community-governed, not-for-profit organizations. The services provided are tailored to meet the health needs of individuals who would otherwise face barriers to care in the communities they serve.

  • The Pacific Centre Family Services Association aims to provide equity-based access to comprehensive, multidi-sciplinary, wraparound, trauma-informed health care, while seeking to enhance and promote the quality and dignity of life for individuals and families in the diverse communities it serves.
  • The centre is approximately 5,400 square feet and includes a reception and waiting area, exam rooms, counselling rooms, office spaces and a multipurpose room. 
  • Once patients are attached to a primary care provider at the CHC, they can access the centre’s services through a blend of in-person, virtual, pre-booked or same-day/drop-in appointments.
  • Services available include:
    • new symptom diagnosis
    • chronic-disease management, including diabetes, asthma and heart disease
    • collaborative provision of and/or arrangement with another provider for prenatal/postpartum care
    • contraception advice and treatment options
    • mental-health assessment/treatment/support
    • substance-use and addiction treatment/support
    • prescription refills
    • screening (e.g., sexually transmitted infections, cervical cancer/pap smear)
    • treatments/procedures (e,g, intrauterine device [IUD] insertion, ear wax removal)
    • referrals to medical specialists and social services and form completion
    • social determinants of health assessments and prescriptions
    • support with systems navigation (health-care and social systems) with a community health worker
    • support with social determinants of health (finance, housing, education etc.) with a community health worker
    • outreach to local community partners
    • harm-reduction supplies