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What people are saying about the Perennial Crop Renewal Program

Roly Russell, MLA for Boundary Similkameen –

“Many of our local growers were hit hard by the bitter cold snap last winter, exacerbating the chronic challenges of climate change impacts, such as extreme heat. We know climate change is, and will continue to be, a source of uncertainty for growers. That’s why we’re putting a multi-sector program in place to help with the costs of removing damaged crops, replanting new varieties that will flourish better in our local climates, and understanding what works best for local conditions now and tomorrow. This means new opportunities for growers and businesses, and stronger local economies for generations to come.”

Harwinder Sandhu, MLA for Vernon-Monashee –

“The B.C. tree-fruit industry is symbolic with the Okanagan and our government is committed to stabilizing the sector, while looking at ways we can support them to increase their competitiveness both domestically and globally. By providing $1 million to focus primarily on new marketing opportunities for our iconic apple sector, along with the increased environmental and economic stability that will come from the Perennial Crop Renewal Program, we are setting up B.C. farmers and growers for a bright future. This will help farmers across the province, including farmers right here in the Okanagan.”

Zachary Fleming, president, BC Hazelnut Growers Association –

“B.C.’s hazelnut sector is being revitalized, thanks to programs like this, which support our growers with planting disease-resistant trees and help the industry become more sustainable and resilient. Through the Perennial Crop Renewal Program, we look forward to seeing greater production and more market opportunities for the sector, which will ensure a bright future for B.C. hazelnuts.”

David Mutz, director, BC Agriculture Council (representing coastal horticulture) and berry farmer –

“The announcement of the Perennial Crop Renewal Program is wonderful news for B.C.’s berry sector. It will see the continuation of raspberry replant, which has successfully been helping re-invigorate the B.C. raspberry industry. The new crop removal stream will also be very important to maintaining the success of the B.C. blueberry industry, which is currently facing heavy virus and disease pressure in some fields, which put newer and uninfected fields at risk.”

Sukhpaul Bal, president, BC Cherry Association –

“The BC Cherry Association is very pleased to with the announcement of the Perennial Crop Renewal Program. Our growers are adapting to the ever-changing climate, and this investment will give our members the confidence to make the necessary changes on-farm to remain competitive in local and global markets. Having the renewal program open to various crops throughout B.C. is vital, as it encourages crop diversity, which will make B.C.'s food security more resilient in the future.”

Ross Wise, chair, BC Wine Grape Council –

“The BC Wine Grape Council is committed to working with B.C. wine-grape growers and researchers to improve vineyard resilience to climate change. The Perennial Crop Renewal Program will help to ensure that growers are implementing best practices for sustainable wine-grape production and regenerative agriculture, proven innovations and technologies, and planting clean, virus-free material. We are pleased that the Ministry of Agriculture and Food is supporting us with a program that will strengthen our industry for years to come.”