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Protecting people from having their intimate images shared without their consent

The intimate images protection act will help people who have their intimate images shared without their consent access the justice they need and get their images off the internet.

If passed, the legislation will:

  • create a new, expedited process resulting in legal decisions and orders designed specifically to stop the distribution of intimate images without consent; and a more traditional civil action for survivors to seek monetary damages for harms suffered;
  • enable people to apply for decisions and orders on behalf of someone who has died;
  • include special provisions to give minors access to the legal tools and remedies designed to stop the distribution of their images;
  • require wrongdoers, who are found to have distributed intimate images without consent, to make every reasonable effort to destroy all intimate images and remove them from the Internet, search engines and all forms of electronic communication;
  • order any internet intermediaries, such as Facebook, Instagram or other online platforms, to remove the intimate image and de-index it from their search engines; and 
  • apply retrospectively to the date the act receives first reading by the legislative assembly.