New forestry program will expand manufacturing, create jobs

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What people are saying about the BC Timber Sales Value-Added Manufacturing Program

Andy Rielly, president, Reilly Lumber Inc., and chair, Independent Wood Producers Association

“The new category, value-added designation, demonstrates the B.C. government understands that directing more fibre toward higher value wood production is necessary to provide more certainty for investing in B.C. and to create more manufacturing jobs for British Columbians.”

Paul Rasmussen, Interior Lumber Manufacturers’ Association –

“We are encouraged to see government recognize that a dedicated fibre allocation for the value-added sector is required. We will continue to work closely with the government to ensure the required volume gets delivered to value-added facilities.”

Todd Chamberlain, RFT, general manager, Interior Logging Association –

“We are encouraged to see government set policy that will improve fibre flow to the value-added sector. We appreciate the work that has gone into making this improvement, and encourage government to continue securing fibre needs for our partners, which will increase opportunities for our members and further strengthen their communities.”

Kelly Marciniw, board member, BC Log and Timber Building Association (BCLTBIA) –

“The BCLTBIA is pleased to hear of the B.C. government’s announcement on improvements to BC Timber Sales and creation of a category: value-add. This new category of timber sales will help get more B.C.-grown fibre to our B.C.-based artisans and manufacturers who make low-environmental-impact log home and timber-frame structures in our province with one of the highest employment ratios in the forestry industry. BCLTBIA is inspired to continue working with BC Timber Sales on further enhancements by the government’s willingness to make our valued renewable resources a continued part of our economy and our communities.”

Jake Power, president and managing director, PowerWood –

“There will be significant investment in high-value wood manufacturing around the world over the next decade as construction trends toward lower-carbon alternatives, like wood. British Columbia has some of the best-positioned workers and existing manufacturing assets, along with some of the highest-quality timber in the world. The introduction of a new category in BCTS that is directly targeted at non-tenured high-value manufacturing creates opportunities to utilize those workers and assets to their full potential. As the ministry continues to implement policies like this one that ensure there are economic incentives to keep wood fibre in B.C. for longer, high-value wood manufacturing companies like Power Wood will be able to confidently invest in B.C.’s forests, communities and workers. We applaud the ministry for putting in the hard work to develop this policy and look forward to continuous improvement of B.C. forest policy in pursuit of high value over high volume.”

Ken Kalesnikoff, president and CEO, Kalesnikoff –

“As an organization, adding the maximum value to our timber resources has always been in our DNA. We support any initiative that changes fibre flows, secures this sector and allows it to grow, and we also appreciate the government’s commitment to focusing on value over volume. For government to be successful at this goal, we will need to ensure the required volume needs of the value-added (VA) sector is allocated to this category and that the fibre flows to a VA facility. We see this as a critical first step in transitioning to more value being created from our forest resource.”  

John Gillis, vice-president, Centurion Lumber –

“Transitioning from volume to value means putting more fibre in the hands of the value-added producers in the province. The category, value added, is a positive step in providing more certainty around long-term access to the right logs and lumber required to grow this sector and attract investment from this entrepreneur group.”

Warren Carter, North Enderby Timber

“We are encouraged to see government set policy that will improve fibre flow to the value-added sector. We appreciate the work that has gone into making this improvement, and encourage government to continue securing fibre needs for facilities like ours.”

Ravi Kahlon, MLA for Delta North

“Value-added operations like Coastland are vital to the future of B.C.’s forest industry. The new BC Timber Sales Value-Added Manufacturing Program with will see more success, more value, more jobs and a high-value future for our forest sector right across our province.”