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Forest facts in B.C.

Forestry is a foundational industry in B.C. and government’s commitments in the Modernizing Forest Policy in British Columbia intentions paper aim at balancing the needs of the provincial economy with sustainable forest stewardship and Indigenous collaboration.

  • Changes made as part of the Modernizing Forestry Strategy include:
    • updating the Forest and Range Practices Act to advance reconciliation through working with Indigenous communities to collaboratively develop harvest plans over the entire forest landscape.
    • developing new forest landscape plans to establish clear objectives for developing long term permanent approaches to managing old growth and biodiversity, climate change and wildfire risk.
    • amending the Forest Act, creating the tools for government to provide First Nations and local communities with new tenure opportunities.
    • deferring old growth:
      • Since November 2021, government has deferred and protected 2.4 million hectares of old growth, with work on further deferrals underway.
      • This is in addition to the 3.5 million hectares of old growth protected from harvest before November 2021.