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What people are saying about investing in B.C.'s creative sector

Brenda Bailey, Minister of Jobs, Economic Development and Innovation –

“Supporting interactive digital media companies by providing this funding shows the Province’s commitment to a strong technology sector. As a former tech CEO, I understand the importance of this kind of support for tech companies and the industry, which plays a critical role in a strong economy in British Columbia.”

Selina Robinson, Minister of Post-Secondary Education and Future Skills –

“Developing talent locally is important to strengthening B.C.’s creative sector. We must ensure that British Columbians can access the education and skills they need to pursue rewarding, vibrant careers in the creative industry.”

Tracey Friesen, managing vice-president, Canadian Media Producers Association, BC Producers Branch (CMPA-BC) –

“B.C.’s motion picture sector contributes to the province’s economic growth and so much more. With this crucial investment, independent producers can focus on entrepreneurial activities with greater impact: supporting diverse workforce development, advancing sustainable production practices, and leveraging increased federal and international financing to B.C.-owned projects. CMPA-BC applauds this decisive action across all the creative industries.”

Lindsay MacPherson, executive director, Music BC Industry Association –

“We commend the Province for recognizing the music sector as an integral part of British Columbia’s creative economy with the renewal of Amplify BC. An additional three-year investment gives us the stability and certainty we need to keep B.C. artists, music companies and festivals on the map globally, and it provides impactful career development opportunities while uplifting music communities across B.C.” 

Loc Dao, executive director, DigiBC –

“We’re thrilled to see the Province’s continued support for B.C.’s interactive and digital media sector. This new program provides strategic opportunities for the long-term growth of B.C.’s homegrown video game, immersive and extended-reality studios.”

Matea Kulic, executive director, Association of Book Publishers of BC (Books BC) –

“Books BC welcomes this additional recovery funding during a challenging time for publishers, in which paper and printing costs have doubled and, in some instances, even tripled. This funding will provide targeted support for our region’s publishers and help them get production and printing back on track after a three-year period of supply-chain delays and disruptions throughout the retail landscape. Ultimately, this funding will result in more regionally produced titles, increased printing in Canada and more books in the hands of British Columbians.”

Sylvia Skene, executive director, Magazine Association of BC –

“B.C. magazines are committed to offering great content that serves the needs of their readers despite many challenges, and this new funding will assist them in doing so.”

B.C.’s creative industries receive $42 million funding over three years

Creative BC, as British Columbia’s lead agency for creative-sector funding and development, will administer the majority of the funding. For 10 years, it has provided leadership, innovation and commitment to ensure local creators and companies are celebrated both at home and around the world. Creative BC has created and nurtured key relationships throughout the sector, and it provides important insights to the needs of those operating on the ground.

  • Creative Industries Week is an industry-led initiative established in 2015 to celebrate and raise awareness of B.C.’s creative industries.
  • B.C. is one of the largest motion picture hubs in Canada and North America. There are an estimated 200 B.C.-based independent producers and 88,000 workers in the industry throughout the province.
  • B.C. is Canada’s third-largest music centre. Amplify BC is administered by Creative BC, and it serves live music presenters, music companies and the music industry more broadly. Amplify BC was created in 2018 and since then, it has amplified thousands of artistic voices, built local talent and helped launch careers.
    • On April 11, 2023, Creative BC announced 223 provincial grants through four Amplify BC programs, totalling $3.4 million distributed to recipients throughout B.C.’s music industry.
  • B.C. is a hub for digital entertainment that attracts innovation, talent and large global media companies, and the province is at the forefront of a global virtual and augmented reality boom. B.C. is home to one of the world’s largest animation and visual effects clusters, and it has the second-largest video games workforce in Canada.
  • B.C. has the second-largest English-language book publishing industry in the country, accounting for 20% of English-language publishers in Canada. There are 46 award-winning publishers in B.C., and 250 magazine titles are produced each year.