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What to know about recruiting and retaining efforts for B.C. sheriffs

The ministry is taking steps to strengthen access to court services by improving sheriff recruitment and retention. This includes:

  • instituting a more competitive pay and benefits framework for sheriffs (last increase for included staff took effect in April 2023);
  • making it easier for people to apply to the sheriff program by removing financial barriers to achieve a low-cost, low-travel application process (April and August 2023 intakes);
  • starting a regional ambassador program to raise awareness at career events and support people through the application process (March 2023);
  • implementing a strategic marketing campaign (August 2023); and
  • creating a dedicated recruitment team with sufficient resources to meaningfully increase recruitment activities. A manager position was created in March 2023 and support staff position was filled in September 2023.

The BCSS is working to further address compensation and the scope of duties, and increase training opportunities for staff. In addition, BCCS is improving working conditions through training for managers and support for employees, and creating a strategic plan specific to BCSS. Open and transparent dialogue with all parties continues to drive further action for sheriffs.