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Joanne Whittier

Communications Manager
Ministry of Finance, Gender Equity Office


Facts about violence against women

According to Statistics Canada, 29.8% of women in British Columbia report experiencing physical or sexual assault from an intimate partner since the age of 15.

  • Indigenous women and people who are gender diverse experience violence at higher rates.
  • According to research by University of British Columbia and Kelowna Women’s Shelter, as many as 92% of women domestic-violence survivors experience signs and symptoms of traumatic brain injury.
  • Compared to sports concussions, for every NHL player who acquires a brain injury, approximately 5,500 women in Canada suffer from the same injury.
  • The majority of people who experience domestic violence (80%) do not report to the police.
  • According to Statistics Canada, of all the gender-related homicides of women in Canada between 2011 and 2021, two-thirds (66%) were perpetrated by an intimate partner.
  • According to Statistics Canada, nearly 4,000 incidents of human trafficking were reported by police from 2012-22.