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What to know about engagement during negotiation process

Section 7 of the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act enables the Province and Indigenous governing bodies to enter into agreements in relation to statutory decision-making authorities. Once the decision to begin negotiations on a Section 7 agreement is made by Cabinet, the act requires the Province to publish a list of those who will be engaged. Resulting agreements will set out the processes for joint or consent-based decision-making, including dispute resolution, while clarifying roles and responsibilities of the Province and the Indigenous governing body.

A Section 7 agreement will provide for greater predictability, accountability and transparency of shared statutory decision-making. The act also sets out provisions for ensuring local governments and potentially affected external parties are engaged during negotiations.

Parties identified for the ‘Namgis agreement include:

  • Regional District of Mount Waddington
  • Town of Port McNeill
  • Atli Resources Corporation
  • Mosaic
  • United Steel Workers
  • Lemare Lake Logging
  • Cochrane Contracting
  • Blue Collar Industries
  • Nimpkish Lake Logging
  • Holbrook Dyson Logging
  • JF Trucking
  • R.M.B Trucking
  • Steel Creek Pole Corp
  • Van Isle Falling

Separate from Section 7 work, public engagement for the Tree Farm Licence 37 Forest Landscape Planning Pilot Project is already underway and can be found here: