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About the 150 Time Immemorial Grant Program and award recipients

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196 applications were received for funding in three streams:  infrastructure, awareness and planning. Five culturally diverse peer review juries made up of 28 arts, cultural or heritage professionals.   

Heritage BC is privileged to work with the Province and the Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resources and Rural Development as a program delivery partner 150 Time Immemorial Grant Program.  

Heritage BC supports and advocates for B.C.'s broad heritage sector through education, training and skills development, capacity building in heritage planning and funding through the Heritage Legacy Fund.

First People’s Cultural Foundation is the program delivery partner for an additional $7.5 million for a 150 TIGP designed specifically for indigenous governments and organizations. The Foundation works closely with First Peoples’ Cultural Council an Indigenous-led provincial Crown corporation that provides subject-area expertise on Indigenous cultural heritage and community needs, develops community-based programs, and provides project resources and support.