Minister John Yap's statement on Poland's National Independence Day
Multiculturalism Sunday, November 11, 2012 7:00 AM

On this day since 1918, Poland has been commemorating its independence as peoples and as a nation.

As Polish Independence Day coincides with Remembrance Day here in Canada, we are also reminded of the sacrifices made by those who gave their life to preserve sovereignty, freedom and democracy both in Canada and in Poland.

Take a moment to pay your respects to all those who served and continue to serve our countries during times of peace and war.

Let's celebrate the perseverance of Polish culture as they successfully gained their independence and prospered as a country.

Here in B.C., where diversity is not only embraced but welcomed, we are proud of the contributions of Polish Canadians that have enriched that lives of so many here in British Columbia.

As Minister Responsible for Multiculturalism, I wish Poles in B.C. and around the world a Happy Independence Day!

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