Citizens' Services

Honourable Jinny Sims

Born in Jullundur District, India, Jinny immigrated to England at nine years old. She obtained a degree in education at the University of Manchester and moved to Canada in 1975 with her husband, Stephen Sims. Jinny Spent two years as an English teacher in Quebec, before moving to Nanaimo to teach high school and become president of the Nanaimo District Teachers Union. In 2004, Jinny was elected as president of the BC Teachers’ Federation where she was a passionate advocate for quality, public education.

In 2011, Jinny was elected as the NDP Member of Parliament for Newton-North Delta and served as Official Opposition Critic for Employment and Social Development Canada and Critic for Immigration, Multiculturalism, and Citizenship. Six years later, Jinny was successfully elected to the B.C. Legislature as the MLA for Surrey-Panorama. Jinny was appointed as the Minister for Citizens’ Services with the BC NDP government in July of 2017. Jinny is the proud mother of two and continues to work for a socially just and inclusive society.


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