Honourable Nicholas Simons

Nicholas Simons was first elected MLA for Powell River-Sunshine Coast in 2005. He has previously served as Chair of the Standing Committee on Children and Youth and on the Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services.

Nicholas worked in the areas of health, justice, social services and child welfare. He served as the director of health and social development for the Sechelt Nation from 1997 to 2005. As a director with the Sechelt Nation, he negotiated funding for innovative preventative health and social services, which led to a dramatic reduction in adversarial child welfare intervention and improved health outcomes in all age groups.

He has also worked as a child-protection social worker for the Ministry for Children and Families in Sechelt and North Vancouver. His 2004 review of the death of a Port Alberni toddler and the controversy surrounding the report led to the Hughes Report and significant changes in the child welfare system in British Columbia.

Nicholas has taught criminology, in which he has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Ottawa and a master’s from SFU. He has worked as a researcher and consultant for the federal, Northwest Territories, British Columbia and First Nations governments.

As a musician, Nicholas is active in the arts community, playing with local, national and international ensembles and has two gold records. He is a former president of the Sunshine Coast Arts Council.


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