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Social Development and Poverty Reduction

Honourable Shane Simpson

Born and raised in East Vancouver, Shane has lived, worked, and engaged in community-building activities in his community since 1971.

In his professional career, Shane has worked as the director of policy and communications for Smart Growth BC, chair of the Vancouver City Planning Commission, and instructor in the Community Economic Development program at Simon Fraser University, executive director of the Worker Ownership Resource Center, legislative coordinator for the Canadian Union of Public Employees, co-ordinator and fundraiser for the Ray Cam Cooperative Center, executive assistant to former Vancouver East MP Margaret Mitchell, and as a self-employed consultant on business and economic development for labour, co-operative and non-profit groups.

In 2002, Shane was the recipient of the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal for his contribution to community. In 1992, he was awarded the Governor General’s 125th Anniversary Commemorative Medal for Community Service.

Shane and his partner Cate Jones have one adult daughter, and have lived in Vancouver Hastings since 1989.


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