B.C. Non-Profits Newsletter

Edition: B.C. Non-Profits Newsletter - Summer 2022


Non-profit News

June 16 - To reduce wildfires in higher-risk communities, the Province is providing $25 million in new funding to the Forest Enhancement Society of BC. Read more.

June 8 - People facing food insecurity in B.C. will benefit from new government funding for community-based programs. Read more.

June 3 - A range of community services for people with disabilities throughout B.C. will be expanded, thanks to a provincial grant of $3 million over three years. Read more.

June 2 - Thirty sites in eight municipalities and two Indigenous communities are receiving grants through the Rick Hansen Foundation to support the creation of more welcoming, inclusive places for people living with disabilities. Read more.

May 24 - People throughout the province will benefit from upgrades to non-profit services and programs with additional funding from B.C.’s Community Gaming Grants program. Read more.

May 9 - With $35,000 in provincial funding, the Victoria Immigrant and Refugee Centre Society can complete a much-needed technology infrastructure upgrade to better serve 3,000 immigrants, refugees and new Canadian citizens each year. Read more.

April 13 - Women and girls in B.C. living with substance-use challenges will soon benefit from continued treatment and recovery services through a $270,000 grant to a non-profit charity based in New Westminster. Read more.

March 24 - A new $34-million fund for non-profit groups in B.C. will provide much-needed support for organizations that were affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and continue to struggle during recovery. Read more.

March 22 - A new labour market study will provide insights into B.C.’s non-profit sector and help identify solutions to sector-wide challenges. Read more.

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