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Adoption in B.C. – then vs. now

Here’s what’s changed thanks to the new Adopt BC Kids website:

  • Families no longer need to go into a local office and book an appointment with a social worker as they can get all the information they need online:
  • Families can attend an information session (a Waiting Child Session) online and no longer have to wait for in-person sessions, which run every month or two.
  • The Ministry of Children and Family Development now has specialized staff to process adoption applications rather than prospective adoptive parents having to wait for an adoption worker with a full caseload to process their documents.
  • Applicants can be referred to an online Adoption Education Program (AEP) right from the online system once they have completed their criminal record and prior contact checks, and no longer have to wait for their full application to be accepted.
  • The new personalized and user-friendly system provides automatic matching between families and children, meaning matches will occur more frequently with minimal effort.
  • Through the system parents can track which required documents have been received by the ministry, where they are in the process and better understand next steps, removing some of the guesswork and uncertainty of the prior paper-based process.
  • Approved families can now view photos and videos of children without going into their social worker’s office, and can send emails directly from a link on the child profile they are interested in to their worker.
  • Approved families can create their own family biography to help give adoptees a better sense of who they are, thereby improving the matching process.
  • Adoption Workers who previously spent time processing applications can now spend more time working with families, completing homestudies and facilitating matches between prospective parents and waiting children.
  • Overall, prospective families will spend less time waiting – no more waiting for information sessions, for the office to open so you can drop off your application, for an appointment with an adoption worker, for the busy worker to process your application, for the AEP referral – and, hopefully, less time waiting for homestudies to be started and matches to be made.

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