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Genomic research success stories
  • HIV/AIDS: Genome BC funded an improved genomic test to detect HIV drug resistance. The project developed a drug resistance test to improve individualized therapy in roughly 50% more cases than the current level. This avoids needless exposure to inadequate therapy, and wasted expense for highly active antiretroviral therapy or HAART.
  • Breast Cancer: The Centre for Clinical Diagnostic Genomics at the Provincial Health Services Authority is the first clinically accredited laboratory in Canada to use next-generation sequencing for the routine clinical testing of the BRCA1 and BRCA2 breast cancer genes. The technology was put in place in August 2012 and the time for a test for cancer gene mutations has been cut by 75%, reducing the wait time from six to two months, and further accelerating therapy decisions times. This project enabled the implementation of genomics testing in the healthcare system.
  • MAGIC: A national, multi-disciplinary team made up of experts in B.C. and Ontario developed laboratory tests to determine the type of brain cancer a child suffers from in order to more accurately classify the tumors for treatment. This significantly increases the survival rate, and improves the quality of life of children with brain cancer.
  • CAUSES Clinic (Mining for Miracles): Genome BC is supporting the new CAUSES Clinic which will provide diagnostic DNA testing to support the accurate and efficient diagnosis of rare genetic diseases in children who would otherwise require numerous tests or might not be diagnosed at all.

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